CountToFour – 2

Updated for firmware 1.08 (and lots of other improvements)!

My homage/twist on setting 2/3 of the wonderful Count to Five pedal from Montreal Assembly, but with four record heads instead of three and a little extra fun stuff.

Make sure to put your stompswitches in Aux mode (SELECT ++ BYPASS)–the shift button will turn aqua.

Hold the left footswitch (up to 8s) to record a loop into an auto-playing buffer, which feeds the four heads.

Hit the middle footswitch to make the record heads audible, hit it again to fade out gradually.

The three “knobs” on the front page are LFOs that control:
1) Frequency of random one-shot playback
2) Length of loops
3) Frequency of random forward/reverse

The higher the LFO frequency or value, the shorter the slices and randomization times.

Have fun!

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