CoolWave Solo Synth

-2 oscillators with wave selection/mix
-better delay (panned/filtered)
-C&G granular freeze as effect
-VariDelay effect added
-Inputs now run thru effects

TIP: push the wet mix of granular effect all they way right to freeze the sound. (shows on line 5). You can now play the keyboard as usual and adjust wet/dry. If you go to the next page, GrainNote will let you transpose/play the grains (set to 1). Set back to 0 to play the keyboard again. Go back to grain page to unfreeze the same way you froze.

More info later

This patch is a wavetable synth with reverb, filtered delay, tremolo, and an ADSR envelope. It has 899 waves to choose from. Lots of sounds to explore, some dark and gritty others plastic and shiny.

It’s ‘big brother’ patch is coming soon

**See bottom for credits
Page 1:
Knob 1: Waveform selection (0100.wav – 0999.wav)
Knob 2: Filter Frequency (Cutoff)
Knob 3: Filter Resonance
Knob 4: Reverb amount

Page 2:
Knob 1: Note Shift (octaves)
Knob 2: Tremolo Rate
Knob 3: Tremolo Depth
Knob 4: Tremolo Shape (triangle vs. square)

Page 3:
Knob 1: Delay time (ms)
Knob 2: Delay Feedback
Knob 3: Filter Cutoff for Delay
Knob 4: Filter Resonance for Delay

Page 4:
Knob 1: Attack
Knob 2: Decay
Knob 3: Sustain
Knob 4: Release

-The waveform knob can be touchy, since there are so many values on it; if you switch to another page it won’t waver between values
-The delay filter can be subtle or in your face; I like a darker delay sound and you can get that easily, but pushed it will also feedback/mix very loudly.

waveforms from:
<a href="<a href="; rel=”nofollow”><a href="</a&gt;; rel=”nofollow”><a href="<a href="</a&gt</a&gt</a&gt;;
(he has a paypal for donations)
moog~ and delay5sec (modified) from Critter and Guitarri patches
Tremolo/vibe from <a href="<a href="; rel=”nofollow”><a href="</a&gt;; rel=”nofollow”><a href="<a href="https://guitarextended.wordpress.com</a&gthttps://guitarextended.wordpress.com</a&gt</a&gt;;
override.pd /paging idea courtesy of

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  • Revision: 2.0
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8 comments on “CoolWave Solo Synth
  • Bort Bort on said:

    This patch is really well realized. Clearly thought has gone into the signal chain, the delays and filters as there is little glitching etc. I can build layers of loops with this patch and create near full songs, which is just brilliant. Thanks for creating!

  • Blavatsky on said:

    Thank you for your kind comments! I have an updated version I’m putting up now you might be interested in, that incorporates more panning for stereo depth and other tweaks

  • Alec Yuzhny on said:

    love this patch, thank you! if that’s possible to do, i would suggest to add possibility to save presets, because i found tons of great sounds in this patch, that would be tricky to repeat in live situations :)

  • Blavatsky on said:

    Hi Alec – Although it is not exactly the same, check out this patch I made if you are on the Organelle 2.0 OS.
    It has a very similar sound / capabilities as the Solo (minus the grain) – if you ‘Save’ from the menu it will save your exact settings to one preset.
    If you do ‘Save New’ , it will create a copy of the patch with your settings as a preset – so effectively each patch is a preset!
    At some point i’m going to figure out how to do multiple presets on the OS 2.0 on the same patch though….

  • Alec Yuzhny on said:

    Ah, multipage synth is my second favourite. You did a great job! Sounds massive.

  • Matreve on said:

    Great patch!!! I’m new to Organelle so maybe this behavior is normal but it seems that it unpacks to a wrong folder (unpacks to the root level of whatever folder it is unpacked to without creating its own folder to contain all files in). Thanks!

  • N van H on said:

    Yes, i noticed this too. Makes a very messy rootfolder. Is not normal, right?

  • N van H on said:

    Stuffed them together. Sounds great!

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