CoolWave King Synth


6-voice wavetable synth/effect processor
-wave selection (over 400 choices)
-reverb, filtered panned delay, chorus, bit crush/decimate, tremolo, autopanning
-ADSR envelope
-2 LFOs for filter and pitch
-Randomize patch feature
-2 modes: mode 1 loads a single wave to 6 voices, mode 2 loads 6 sequentially named waves to 6 voices
-AUDIO IN runs through effects (try on guitar, keyboard). Try playing long sustained chords on organelle over audio input while tweaking effects :)

**credits at bottom
Page 1:
Knob 1: Waveform assign
1-70% of knob: load waveform by # (mode 1)
70-100% of knob: load 6 waveforms (mode 2)
Knob 2: Filter Frequency (Cutoff)
Knob 3: Filter Resonance
Knob 4: Reverb amount

Page 2:
Knob 1: Note Shift (octaves)
Knob 2: Tremolo Rate
Knob 3: Tremolo Depth
Knob 4: Tremolo Shape (triangle vs. square)

Page 3:
Knob 1: Delay time (ms) *time is linked to delay autopan speed
Knob 2: Delay Feedback
Knob 3: Filter Cutoff for Delay
Knob 4: Filter Resonance for Delay

Page 4:
Knob 1: Attack
Knob 2: Decay
Knob 3: Sustain
Knob 4: Release

Page 5:
Knob 1: LFO1 speed (filter)
Knob 2: LFO1 depth
Knob 3: LFO2 speed (pitch)
Knob 4: LFO2 depth

Page 6:
Knob 1: Chorus depth
Knob 2: Auto Pan Speed
Knob 3: Decimate (bit crush)
Knob 4: Randomize (randomly set multiple parameters for new sounds)

-Randomize doesn’t affect chorus, autopan, or decimate. Some sounds of course won’t be great, but it will produce some cool musical results
-Swap out the wav files (mind the naming convention) for your own selection. Load wavs in sequential order of similar (or very different!) sounds for mode 2 (page 1 knob 1)
-I reduced the overall number of waves for this version, because over 400 or worked better with the knob travel. This also let me hand pick a better selection I feel.

waveforms from:

AKWF Waveforms (4300 free samples)

(he has a paypal if you like his pack and want to donate)

filters, delay (modified) from Critter and Guittari patches

override.pd/page concept from


Decimate from


Chorus/Tremolo/LFO/reverb adapted/sourced from

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  • Revision: 1.0
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3 comments on “CoolWave King Synth
  • Luís Costa on said:

    I’m loving the sounds I’m getting from this patch, but I have a couple of questions:
    – each page’s parameters only seem to influence the sound if I’m on that specific page. For example, the note shift will only be activated when I enter that page. Is this the expected behaviour?
    – is there any way to save presets?

  • jooga1972 on said:

    Hey @Luis Costa, I’m not sure it is the expected behaviour but it happens to me as well. Though I’m not sure it always does…. I remember when I first used this patch the sound kept on transforming everytime I went for a different parameter-page. But bow that you brought this I don’t remember the same from a couple of days ago when I last used CoolWave King Synth. Great patch, nonetheless.

  • Blavatsky on said:

    Hi Luis – If you build a sound from scracth – changing all the stuff per page, I think it will 90% remain unchanged as you page through.
    However, when you use the ‘randomize’ function, I know some values don’t get set in their respective pages – I think note shift is one of these. If I have time I’ll see if I can get that one to stick

    – I wish I could do presets; i’ve seen other patches do it but have not attempted!

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