MidiGuitar 2 to play SWAM Tenor Sax On Geoshred

This script converts Note On velocity to Channel Pressure on Channel 2 which is needed to drive SWAM Tenor Sax on Geoshred with Jam Origin’s Midi Guitar 2. Additionally when note E1 is played it sends an ON/OFF command on CC22 to turn ON the Growl parameter of the Tenor Sax. Also it sends Aftertouch pressure info to CC20 which is the Formant sound parameter to add some more real time dynamics, and filters all the other Aftertouch data which is not used by the Geoshred. Further it takes the data from the Pitchbend and when you bend the strings of the guitar it sends some additional Vibrato Amount ( CC107 on Tenor Sax Geoshred ).
This plugin works was tested with the following settings on the MidiGuitar2 . Monophonic tracking, PitchBend Range 12, Legato Enabled on 5 seconds, Aftertouch Enabled. Noise Gate at 11 o’clock, Gain at 11 o’clock, Tone at 1 o’clock and Curve at 2 o’clock. You might have to adjust according to your gear ( I am using a Focusrite Track Dock with the Gain control at 3 o’clock) as all of these settings depend on the combination of guitar and audio interfase you use.

The script can be modified if you don’t like how the Formant and Vibrato behave, you can comment those two sections out, or . alternatively you can change the values so that they are more/less intense.
The ON/OFF switch for the Growl effect was assigned to note E1 , because its the only note that does not have a sound in the SWAM Tenor Sax ( it is also very convenient because it is the first note of the 6th string of the guitar )

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2 comments on “MidiGuitar 2 to play SWAM Tenor Sax On Geoshred
  • Ayepad on said:

    Haha, thanks, I’m having good fun with this. :)

  • Plaasmoorde on said:

    Loving this. Works great. My band mates were blown away when u suddenly took a sax solo with my guitar.

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