Controller Tracker and Snapshots

This script tracks the last CC, Bank Select, Program Change and Pitch Bend values sent through it. These values can then be sent out when the script reloads from a saved host session, or when the “Dump” button is double-tapped or rotated past the midpoint, or by sending value 64 or higher to the AU Parameter “Knob 0”.

It also has the ability to save and recall snapshots of the current values. Tap a pad to arm the snapshot, then use the STORE button to save the current values to it. Use the RECALL button to load the snapshot to the current set and to dump it to the output.

There is a hidden knob to select snapshot pads via MIDI. To use it, send MIDI to the AU Parameter “Knob 4”.

Example Usage
• If you use an external MIDI controller to set faders and other controls in AUM, send all the input to this script, then send the output of this script to AUM Midi control. Store snapshots as you go. You can then recall these snapshots whenever needed.
• If you use an external MIDI controller that has two-way communication (such as MIDI Fighter Twister or TouchOSC), point the script output back to the controller. When the AUM session is restored, or when you recall a snapshot, the controls will be set in sync with what they control. (WARNING: Only do this with controllers that can handle this or you might generate a nasty MIDI loop.)

NOTE: This script can be used as a direct replacment for the CONTROLLER FEEDBACK AND RESTORE script. It works the same apart from the added features.

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