Instructions: Keys let’s you chose between the rhythms and AUX button starts and stops the pattern. Knob 1 let’s you switch between internal and external midi clock. When in external midi mode all internal controls are ignored (play/pause, bpm)

V.1.3: Knob 4 lets you add Tambourine or Guiro like on the original machine, (killed the reverb as I could never get it to sound decent)

V.1.2: Added muting on the last three keys of the organelle (A5 mutes the bass drum, A#5 mutes snare & percussion, B5 mutes all cymbals).

V.1.1: This revision should sync up much tighter to external gear. Added a compressor (Knob 3). Knob 4 let’s you switch between internal and external midi clock.

Whats new? Sends midi clock, start and stop. Receives midi-clock. Fixed a few hiccups. Added a few more rhythms.

Recreated a famous drum machine from the late 70s. The keys let you select the different rhythm patterns. Aux Button starts and stops the patterns.Knobs control BPM, Tambourine & Guiro level, compressor and the midi clock behavior.

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  • Revision: 1.3
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17 comments on “ComputerRhythm78
  • callmesam on said:

    Thanks, WyrdAl! Will try to implement it in my patch.

  • Sean Earl Beard on said:

    Love the patch!

    The midi clock is acting a little wonky, seeming to speed up and slow down when i send a midi clock to the patch. Any ideas?

  • callmesam on said:

    Hi Sean, thanks for the feedback. I will look into it as there may be a possibility to read the in-going midi clock in a different way. Then again it may be that through limitations of MIDI a certain amount of clock drift is unavoidable.

    Do you experience audible out-of-sync”ness” while sending midi to the patch or is just the displayed BPM being wonky?

  • callmesam on said:

    Hi Sean, try this. I balanced out the midi clock in this build. (Not sure if this will improve out-of-sync issues if such issues should exist)

  • Sherman Crawford on said:

    knob 4 does “Vol. Bassdrum”

    no midi sync here

  • callmesam on said:

    I think you may still be using the old patch version. Please check if you have the newest version. (Did you maybe download the patch in the comment above? Because that one is obsolete)

  • Sherman Crawford on said:

    Oh you know what, I had two versions installed. The one that has “78” at the end of the name is the one that syncs! thanks

  • shittykids on said:

    This patch rules. End of story.
    PS Thanks for improving and working on it.

  • callmesam on said:

    Thanks! :)

  • Sean Saman on said:

    This patch works really well syncing up to the EHX 2880. Seamlesssss!

  • Cobra Cotton on said:

    Hey first off, thanks for the patch it sounds great. I have 2 questions:
    – The BPM seems to be a little bit off, yesterday I was trying to record at 66BPM and the longer the beat went on, the more it dragged compared to the click-track. Anyone else had that problem? I’ll try syncing it with a midi clock.
    – Is there a way to have the pedal act as an on/off for the beats?

  • callmesam on said:

    Dear Cobra Cotton, I’m pretty sure the bpm is fine. The reason for your “problem” is that the bpm is displayed as integer and so you don’t see the decimal numbers. Meaning: 66 bpm could mean 66.21 bpm. Normally people sync by midi and not by matching numbers, but if you want to use the patch in this way, then just scrap the [i]-object in the PD code/file before it sends the BPM to screenLine2 and it will show you the number in all its glory.

    What do you mean by on/ off? Play, pause? Mute, unmute? And yes, you could have the pedal do both of these things…

  • Gianni Pasta on said:

    Really cool, sounds good!!!

  • helmet_lampshade on said:

    Best syncing Patch to external Midi Clock I’ve found so far – what a bliss to just switch to external clock and turn the annoying internal clock off. Every other sequenced/clocked patch/module so far is inferior when you’re sequencing your organelle with an external sequencer. Thank you so much – this gives me hope that I can someday use the grids/euclid patch/module reliably. Going to try to weaver you’re midi signalflow into other patches/modules as a guideline!

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