Complex LFO XY

Send out four MIDI CC messages after you start the host app. Two are shown on the XY Pad. Select a pad to switch to a CC to set its component LFO rate and wave type; its CC# and MIDI channel. Tap shift to change screens to scale LFO output value ranges.

The current values are state saved when you save it as a preset. This can be useful for setting up instances of the preset to control your setup rather than having to set each control every time. This can also used to take a snapshot of a particular set of settings which you like. If you want to restore the original default settings, load the preset and then upload the code.

Double tap a pad to mute MIDI output. You’ll have problems if you press multiple pads too quickly. You can set the, “length” variable in the code to your liking.

Long hold a pad to generate random wave types or to generate random LFO output ranges.

See the bottom of the code for credits.

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