Complete Benjolin using the Venom Benjolin Oscillator

This VCV patch features the new Benjolin Oscillator from the Venom VCV plugin version 2.6. It is now available in the VCV library.

The plugin binaries are also available on github:

Documentation for the Benjolin Oscillator is at

Note: This patch v1.1 corrects a bug that caused CV attenuators to affect output even when inputs not patched.

The oscillator only requires 7 additional modules to create a complete Benjolin that closely emulates the features of the Benjolin version 2 from After Later Audio. Major differences are use of attenuverters instead of attenuators, and addition of Resonance CV control.

The sound can be quite stunning, and compares very favorably to hardware Benjolins.

Follow the instructions below if you want to preserve the designed functionality of this Benjolin patch.

Manipulate Patchmaster and Benjolin Oscillator controls as you see fit, but leave other controls alone. Freely patch the oscillator ports, as well as any port listed below. But leave all black cables as is.

External input = MS4 channel 2

Cutoff CV input = MS4 channel 3

Resonance CV input = MS4 channel 4

Filter outputs = Unstabile LP, BP, HP outputs

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