A simple, yet pretty processor heavy. Combo type Organ with three different voices and Vibrato. Voice knobs are a cascaded volume that sweeps through the footages. 12 O’clock being all stops on. Lots of variety possible. Vibrato goes through 4 variations similar to the original circuits. These values can be easily edited to taste. Aux switch changes the decay from short to long.

Also there is a direct audio pass through so you can connect your Mp3 player to the audio input and jam along with your favourite tunes.


5 comments on “Combonelle
  • LightHarphead on said:

    Just curious, but on my patch in the 2 slot the only voice is flute…is this correct or is something wrong. Thank you very much. <3

  • estevens on said:

    I downloaded your patch but when I tried to pull it up on my organelle, it made an awful load feedback sound that doesn’t even turn down on the main volume knob on the organelle. Am I doing something wrong?

  • estevens on said:

    realizing that this may just be a problem with my organelle. Has anyone experienced this?

  • ela_zul on said:

    I experienced the feedback, it was intense lol

  • mfnpjparty on said:

    Organelle M owners DONT DOWNLOAD THIS. The feedback may damage the speaker.

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