Comb sweep

This patch is based on the same idea as my 1-buffer delay filter patch, but with delay lines and longer delay times. A switch selects between 7 different delay times and creates a sort of phasing/filter effect.

The left footswitch toggles feedback on and off
The middle footswitch toggles what I call “modulation” on or off
And the right footswitch changes the modulation type.

Basically, when you first press the middle switch, the delay amount goes from 1.00 ms to 2.38 ms (with a slew limiter so it sounds smooth). If you press the right switch, the delay time becomes LFO controlled. If you press the middle switch again, it’s back to the basic 1.00 ms unmodulated signal.

That’s pretty much it. I haven’t “cleaned” this patch as well as some others, but if you have trouble reverse engineering it, feel free to hit me up!

Demos will be coming later today

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