Coltranius Poly Synth

This is a four-voice poly synth using a round-robin note rotation. It’s pretty simple – one osc, one filter with ADSR, and one VCA with ADSR per voice. I’m calling this a work in progress. It has external audio and delay/reverb for both the synth and external audio.

Things I need to do:

Add a value module to the ADSR control page to control the master frequency of all filters.

Change Hall reverb for Plate (just because I think it’s a better fit for synths)

See if I can make a legato mode. I originally made this a paraphonic synth with one filter/adsr + one vca/adsr, but I wanted to try to make something genuinely polyphonic. Doing so sacrificed a legato attack – possibly because I’m not a super skilled user. It might be an easy fix.

Page 0: midi in
Note/gate in X 4, with midi pitch bend in attenuated with a CV mixer down to 1 step up/down

Page 1: osc bank
1 osc per voice, tuned in unison, with duty cycle if you want it.

Page 2: filter.vca bank
One filter and one vca per voice

Page 3: ADSR control
Two sets of value modules, one corresponding with Attack, Decay, Sustain, and Release for the filter ADSRs, one for the amp ADSRs. There is also a value module to set the resonance on the filters. This page allows you to control all ADSRs and the filter resonance simultaneously.

Page 4: Filter ADSRs
one per voice

Page 5: VCA ADSRs
one per voice

Page 6: FX
Ping pong delay and hall reverb

Page 7: Output mixer
Mixes the stereo input (external signal) with the onboard synth post FX, outputs stereo with gain control

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  • Revision: 0.8
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