Fixed so Pd-extended is not needed***
Cleaned up menus a bit.
Just a maintenance update

a relatively sincere attempt at replicating the Mutable Instruments Clouds with fancy aleatoric reverb [without any special firmware, it’s all special firmware & Easter Eggs!

first key samples a new sample for sculpting
last two keys turn on aleatoric/chance CV values

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  • State: Work In Progress
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  • Category: Sampler Synthesizer
  • Revision: 1.1
  • License: GNU
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  • Modified: 3 years ago
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9 comments on “Clouds
  • Bort Bort on said:

    This is great! I wish I could help with controls and pagination but i still really don’t get it. I opened up the patch with a screen attached to the organelle and fiddled with the controls using a mouse – amazing results! I can’t wait for full patch control from the organelle, i guess that is what you are still working on. :D You are killing it! I have a couple of questions – is it possible to reduce the effect back to the dry sample? I haven’t managed that yet. Also, how long is the sample time and does the low key need to be held to record or just tapped on and off?

  • shreeswifty on said:

    just tapping 60 will record a new sample i think i made it 5 seconds which i think is maybe way too long but if you tweak you get these super dense warm ambient …clouds..

  • Bort Bort on said:

    What do you mean by 60? In term sof warm beautiful ambient clouds – i’ve been floating around on them all day! Loving it mate.

  • Sherman Crawford on said:

    not getting anything to sample on this one…

  • shreeswifty on said:

    Sherman, this Organelle is more complex than other so i had to do some trickery with some libraries.
    Install this directory
    to /usbdrive/pd-extended –if you all ready have it merge or replace all, it’s fine and it will work

    press the first keyboard key “midi note 60” to sample a sound.
    I am going to overhaul a bunch of these with a new page system/key map this next week or so

  • William Sellers on said:

    Hey shreeswifty, can you reupload the pd-extended zip? I can’t get this one to work with the GitHub version x

  • shreeswifty on said:

    Hi William

    There is a new version of clouds that was made by technobear that is the exact code from the Mutable Instruments module. Mine are approximations over clouds based on my experience with the Euro-rack module. Perhaps you might like trying that one? If not and you really want this one give me a day to find what externals this used

  • shreeswifty on said:

    there you go….updated so pd extended is not needed

  • William Sellers on said:

    Ah wow thank you so much brother! You’re a legend for updating it and providing an alternative

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