An effect based on the Mutable Instruments Clouds module.

Note : this is an early ‘beta’ version, it will be changing, also the clds~ externally included will likely change.

This uses code kindly open sourced by Mutable Instruments, but in no way is supported/endorsed by them.

1.0 updated to Kontrol, optimised
0.2 UI bug fix
0.3 Major bug fixes
0.4 added stretch and spectral modes, bug fix, pitch now un-quantized

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  • State: Work In Progress
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  • Category: Effect
  • Revision: 1.0
  • Views: 3,148
  • Modified: 12 months ago
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16 comments on “clds
  1. ringhof on said:

    Hoped that one was coming!

  2. thetechnobear on said:

    updated to 0.2, bug fixes to allow proper mode selection, ui fixes, and density fix. (probably others fixes too ;))

  3. thetechnobear on said:

    ok, updated to 0.3, this is a major improvement from previous versions, sounds completely different (better) now :)

  4. thetechnobear on said:

    0.4 , more clouds love … added spectral and stretch modes

  5. WyrdAl on said:

    Tried v0.4, sounds amazing!

  6. ghostly606 on said:

    I can’t get this patch to load at all. In fact, I am struggling to get a few patches from here working. Is there anything else I need like library files or something? Brds works mind you… (and is great!)

  7. ghostly606 on said:

    Just ignore me, when unzipping there was an extra directory level. This sounds AMAZING!! My 0 coast has a new best friend. :)

  8. bomboy on said:

    @ghostly606 How did you open this file? It’s in a .zop? format when I download it.

  9. thetechnobear on said:

    @bomboy , you need OS3.0 installed, then copy the zop file to the patches folder, then organelle will offer install option.

  10. bomboy on said:

    Fantastic! Looking forward to trying this out!

  11. pwp on said:

    thank you – loving it!

  12. six_wax on said:

    Is there a description of which controls do what for this on the Organelle? :)

  13. six_wax on said:

    I was able to find some reference in the C&G forums:

    “clds: low C = freeze, low C# = trig , rest of keyboard alters pitch (no gate)”


    Unfortunately, I find this patch to be pretty unstable both standalone (cuts out, Freeze stops working) and in Orca (creates digital screeching sound itermittently in playback). :(

  14. six_wax on said:

    Found my way to latest version and it fixed my issues with running standalone! :)

  15. six_wax on said:

    (Still) cuts out intermittently and ends up unresponsive when switching mode, fyi.

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