Cinematic Piano

Hi, here’s a patch I shared on the forum some years ago, I forgot to upload it here.

It’s a piano with ambient noise, using the old “sample style delay” patch.

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  • chkbeto on said:

    Hey aleshatarvi ,

    Is that an OG-1? How did you power it? Great song and sound, glad you liked the patch

  • aleshatarvi on said:

    Thank you for your kind words.

    it was the first organelle with a power bank and a simple usb to 9v converter from aliexpress. and jbl go for the sound.

  • chkbeto on said:

    oh cool idea!

  • fforgerg on said:

    Cant seem to upload this to my organelle. It seems it needs to be in a zip or zop format all I can see is wav files. Please help

  • coxidelic on said:

    I love this patch. Really atmospheric!

  • p-m-fm on said:

    I heard this fantastic piano in a video on YT. But I can’t make it work.
    It simply doesn’t show up in none of the lists in the browser.
    Any help is welcome:

  • woiperdinger on said:

    I really love this patch!
    It seems like the patches based on sampler style all have transient clicks when triggering the same sample repeatedly, has anyone found a way to eliminate the clicks?
    I was hoping that a “sampler-voice.pd” file with a small amount of attack delay would do the trick, but I am still quite lost in PD.
    Any advice would be appreciated!

  • gonzalo_sundblad on said:

    heyyy. does anyone has a module version of this patch so i can use it in Orac ?? thanks!

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