Chromatic Fractal for Fractal Bits

This Mozaic script allows you to play any Fractal Bits pad melodically using MIDI. Version 1.1 adds a transpose feature, some code to reduce hanging notes, instructions, and some formatting improvements recommended by _ki.

Here’s a code for a kit containing 12 sounds that are well-suited to being played with a keyboard. Load it using “Import/Export” in the menu.

#FractalBits 9B4A9A16 127E8FD8 l0 9B4A9A16 l1 4B223219 l2 A9E51BA l3 D87C1D94 l4 AB63136 l5 C7CE2A89 l6 EB6CBA4 l7 AA791078 l8 353B5BDE l9 DA714532 lA 62E0453A lB p 100 50 100 0 0

Instructions: Route MIDI notes into this Mozaic script, and out to Fractal Bits. Next, set the MIDI CC in Chromatic Fractal to control the Transpose slider in Fractal Bits. Use the numbered pads in Chromatic Fractal to select a pad in Fractal Bits. Use the arrows or the Tpose knob to transpose your MIDI input.

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5 comments on “Chromatic Fractal for Fractal Bits
  • -ki on said:


    thanks a lot for the really cool script and new Mozaic use-case. Really fun playing FractalBits as a synth.

    You forgot to mention the main ingredient to get it working: One not only needs to route the note output of Mozaic to the script but also the CC output needs to control the AU parameter ‘transpose’ of Fractal Bits. And some kind of keyboard with the input notes needs to be routed into the script to trigger the notes.

    The 12 numbered pads in Mozaic then select one of the 12 Fractal Bit sounds to be played chromatically

    In AUM for instance you need to setup the following:
    – Mozaic script gets its midi input from AUMs keyboard
    – Fractal Bits get its midi input from the Mozaic script
    – In AUMs routing matrix additionally connect the Mozaic script to the ‘MIDI Control’ port
    – Press the channel name of AUM channel containing Fractal Bits and then In the dialog the ‘Mixer’ like icon in the top left to bring up the automation settings of that channel
    – Or alternatively choose AUM/settings/MIDI Control
    – Navigate into Fractal Bits and for the parameter ‘Transpose’ set CC1 on CH1

    I added some remarks regarding the script in the attached zip file

  • Will Cenk on said:

    Thanks for your suggestions, I really appreciate it. And thanks for outlining the process used to set it up in AUM. I refactored my code, and I added a screen with instructions. My instructions are a bit less detailed. Maybe I’ll write a step-by-step process for setting it up using different plugin hosts, or make a video dedicated to it.

  • robigy on said:

    Thanks a lot man! You saved my Volca drum :)).. your patch works perfectly to play the Volca drum Chromatically!! This is gold ! I have made a proof video on youtube.

  • Alberti80 on said:

    Thank you for this, i love this app and now even more.

    Do you think that there is any possible way to do the same thing with Yonac Steel Guitar, just asking, this would change alot for me and anyone having this great app, if midi playing is a possibility. Thank you anyway

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