Chordjam Controller

An attempt to make sense of the way Audio Modern set up Chordjam to be played using midi in. I used Roman Numerals to show what notes, play what chords. Whatever scale you chose inside Chordjam the chords in that key seem to play like this; (at least for the 7 note scales) All of the white keys play the main chords in the chosen scale. I displayed as Roman Numerals I-VII.


The Sharps and Flats – C#, D#, F#, G#, A#, play an alternate version of a chord in the scale. So for example C# plays a VI chord, but with a 7th, or without, or some other variant of the VI.

The pads are out of typical semitone order since I grouped together the main chords of the scale (I-VII) and the added the sharps/flats after that. Hopefully this makes sense, and someone will find it useful.

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