Chordial V1.0.1

Chordial is a MIDI chord generator based on the Chord eurorack module from Qu-Bit Electronix.

The root note of the chord generated by Chordial is set by an incoming MIDI note. The parameters for the generated chord are set with the knobs. The pads are used to toggle or trigger individual chord voices. The XY pad can be used to change the Voicing and Inversion of the chord simultaneously. Scroll down for more info…

User Interface

Pads: In the default Voice Toggles mode, the pads will turn each of the generated chord voices on or off. In Voice Triggers mode, the pads will play each voice of the chord for the duration that the pad is held down.

Pad Mode: Changes the pads between Voice Toggles and Voice Triggers mode.

Voicing: Changes the voicing of the generated chord. The four voicing modes currently implemented are Closed, Drop 2, Drop 3, and Spread.

Inversion: Applies inversions to the generated chord. The four inversion modes are None, 1st Inversion, 2nd Inversion, and 3rd Inversion.

Quality: Changes the quality of the generated chord. The four qualities currently implemented are Major, Minor, Sus2, and Sus4. Note that the pads will update to display the current intervals determined by the selected quality.

MIDI/Drone: Changes between the two play modes. In MIDI mode, a new chord is generated and played with each note-on event sent to Chordial. In Drone mode, a chord will drone continuously, and only those notes that are changed by a change to the chord parameters will be retriggered.

Root Channel, 3rd Channel, 5th Channel, 7th Channel: These 4 knobs change the outgoing MIDI channel for each chord voice. This means Chordial can send the note information for each voice in a generated chord out to its own instrument or other MIDI effect. This can be fun! For example, you could send the Root and 5th out to one instrument, send the 3rd out to an arpeggiator in front of a different instrument, and send the 7th out to another instance of Chordial that is triggering yet another instrument.

Strum: Applies a delay to the 3rd, 5th, and 7th voices to simulate a strumming motion. The strum time increases as the knob is turned clockwise. There is a slight random adjustment applied to the timing of each interval every time a new chord is generated, so no two strums are exactly the same.

Shift: Hold the shift button to see the current values for each parameter.

** For a further explanation of how Chordial can be used, please see this excellent video made by fellow patchstorage member loganjacob:

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