Chord Magic 2.2

Chord Magic is a chord based sequencer for Mozaic. 16 scenes can be created (and sequenced), each consisting of a chord sequence and 3 pattern sequences. The patterns plays according to the chord and incoming MIDI can be transformed to match the chords.

An external MIDI source can be used to control the chords or to input chords, with one finger or multiple fingers. Multiple instances of Chord Magic can slave to the same chord sequence,

11 comments on “Chord Magic 2.2
  • Pejman on said:

    Ooooooooo my God . This is very huge . YOU ARE PROFESSIONAL. THANKS .

  • wim-number37 on said:

    Wow!! I mean, really, woooowwwww. Amazing!

  • Pejman on said:

    I use this patch with cubasis, only with one track and one midi plugin ( chord magic 2 ) but after 1 minute it crashes or hanging . And cubasis cpu meter usage is very high. And sound is noisy.
    And when i change PPQN knob , chord Magic will hang or crashes .

  • H_Basilier on said:

    Not likely a problem created by the script itself (I don’ see any issue in Cubasis myself, may depend on IPad generation). I read on Audiobus forum that others have seen issues with Cpu spikes, which they say got fixed with the Mozaic update being rolled out as we speak..

  • H_Basilier on said:

    New version (2.1) uploaded:
    – Added a mode where only the patterns play, allowing the chords to be ”played” with the pads (in the chord editor)
    – Many more chords added
    – Scale can be selected (all the modes) which affects the choice of “note 4”, emphasizing the scale (doubling 1st, 4th or 5th of scale)
    – Improved chord detection (more chord types and inversions)

  • H_Basilier on said:

    Minor update uploaded (chord durations were not working unless PPQN set to 2)

  • Acoustiman on said:

    When using the chord detection functionality dsp exceeds 100% in AUM.

  • H_Basilier on said:

    Strange with the dsp, I cant’ see any such behaviour myself (but I have an Ipad Pro 2018, might depend on version). Does this happen even if the transport is not running and you’re just entering the chords by detecting from MIDI keyboard ? There’s not many MIDI events being processed, so I can’t see why the CPU would spike unless there’s some loop in your setup or some bug in Mozaic..

  • H_Basilier on said:

    Uploaded 2.2 with the following changes:
    – Edit option to transpose chord sequences up/down half steps
    – Arpeggiator style step types for the pattern sequencer (up/down movement, randomness etc)
    – New mode for thru processing: map input to closest chord note

  • Soundtemple on said:

    Firstly, just like to say wow! What an amazing script. You’ve packed so much in to a very small space.

    In a recent update you added the thru option but I was unable to get any midi thru in On or PtnMap mode sending CMaj7 notes. Is it octave specific or something? I was routing notes from an instance of atom into Mozaic running your script.

    In scene controls page 3 what is chdCn? I thought this might output the chord progression which would be useful for routing to another arpeggiator (instead of using a ptn) but I got no output on that channel at all. Maybe that’s for input? Is there a way to output the chord progression?

    I tried the slave setup as well but must have missed something as I was expecting to just add patterns and have them sequenced by the chord from the other instance but got no output at all. How do you set this up?

    It would be useful if once a chord was set if you tap on the pad it outputted the notes for that chord so you can hear the chords as you build the progression.

    Amazing stuff!!

  • H_Basilier on said:

    Thanks @Soundtemple, glad you like it.

    chdCn is for chord inputs/recognition. thruCn is for the thru processing. By default these are both set to 1, and I believe this might be the problem, i.e the chord processingbtakes precedence. Try chaining chdCn to some other channel.

    There is no explicit way of outputting chord progression, except from using a pattern (would not be in synch with chord changes though). I might consider that and your other propsal. Haven’t touched the code for long though, might be difficukt to get into it again, we’ll see.

    Slave processing should work, if the instances are in the same host and the slave has pattern but no chord sequence. Tried it today in AUM and it seemed to work.

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