Chirpy the Sandman

This piece started as an exploration into using Marbles for chord progressions.

Three CV outs are taken from Marbles and fed to the Basal poly VCO as a chord. New notes are slowly introduced from Marbles by periodically releasing the freeze button, using the stoermelder CV-MAP module, a delay and a logic module. Likewise, four CV outs are taken from Marbles and are fed, via the sequential switch, to the lovely itCz phase distortion VCO, from the Animated Circuits preview plugin, which is playing the chirpy top line voice. The wonderful Energy ring modulator VCO is used for the bass line and Tides is used for suitable modulation around the place. The new VCV M/S Encoder was used for a bit of stereo widening.

My recent inspirations for this piece were probably listening to Emily Sprague, Caterina Barbieri and Philip Glass.

Marbles is great, Marbles is glorious! I intend to get to the bottom of it :-)
Note that the Animated Circuits preview plugin is not yet in the library.
Created entirely with VCV Rack and nothing else.

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