VCV Challenge #65 entry – Chippy Resonant Filter Sweeps

Here is my entry for VCV Rack challenge #65

I had recently watched Jacub Ciupinski’s tutorial, “VCV Rack Hacks – Supercharge your VCV”, ( and was eager to try out the recursive resonant filtering technique. So I used it here – my very first VCV Rack challenge entry.

I opted for the StepSaw Oscillator, with the three voices putting out constant pitches tuned by ear. I would like to have used the built in VCA, but I wanted each voice to be routed to two independent VCAs, so that was out.

The first path preserves the raw oscillator sound. All of the pitch variation is provided by the second path via recursive resonant filter sweeps of each voice.

I also decided to do a live performance using this patch, paired with a Native American style flute.

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