china cymbal sinebank drone

Here we have Sussudio playing back a china cymbal two octaves down. Its outputs are routed through trapezoidal amplitude envelopes to create a smoothly droning sound. Two playback heads trade off, going back and forth in a fixed loop while two others are moving around. All this is summed and sent to Plateau and Supercell (granular mode).

This is then sent to BogAudio’s filterbank, which hooked up to work as a vocoder, basically, with each bandpass output going to an envelope follower. The resulting loudness curves are then used to control six sinewaves. The pitches of the sinewaves were selected to match leading partials in the cymbal. (One of these is about at the effective Nyquist frequency of the pitched-down sample.) The pure tones move around the stereo field in the mix, which passes through reverb for additional space and glitter, followed by overdrive for color.

The most obvious improvement would be using a higher quality cymbal sample, ideally something at 96khz so that all the supersonic content in the physical cymbal would be captured after being pitched down. Stereo would also be very, very nice. Advice on where to find such samples would be greatly appreciated!

Other ideas:
* some filters on the sample playback (e.g. Vortex’s bandpass) would create some nice movement.
* more sinewaves controlled by anti-correlated modulation sources would create some traces of melodic movement

Your comments are welcome.

This piece is in part inspired by MIchael Pisaro’s Hearing Metal 1. Thanks to Damien Lefevre for pointing me to the source of this sample (it’s actually from the Roots Reggae sample collection, which, like, uh, yeah…). Thanks also to the VCV communities (“official” and non), and of course the developers who made this all possible.

download the sample here:

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