Cheat Sheet / Template

This is a cheat sheet and template for the Organelle. It showcases basic interface functions and may help if you’re a new user trying to orient yourself. It’s best used on the Organelle itself with a VNC or direct connection open to view the patch (the patch is annotated).

The patch includes:

* A basic synthesiser (based on the tutorial at
* Functions for reading control knob changes and writing the values to the screen
* LED colour changes using MIDI note values, knob values and the aux button status
* Functions to detect when the aux button is held and released
* Two simple wireless patch functions

It doesn’t currently make use of the audio inputs, or feature any file reading operations.

This patch was created using OS 4.1 on an Organelle M.

Unzip it to any Organlle patch folder and create a copy to use it as a starter template.

This patch is released under a Creative Commons Zero licence:
Please use and adapt it in any way you like.
I hope it’s useful!

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  • Revision: 1.0
  • License: Creative Commons Zero v1.0 Universal
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