Chaos LFO

This script utilizes Lorenz and Rössler differential equations—which are known for having chaotic solutions under certain starting conditions—to generate three unpredictable cyclic MIDI CC LFOs called X, Y, and Z. Use the middle three knobs on the bottom row to select which CC# are used for X, Y, and Z. In order to make dialing in CCs easier, the range of the CC knobs may be changed using the CC RANGE knob on the far right.

The upper left pad selects between Lorenz and Rössler mode. Use the SPEED knob to control how fast the LFO goes. Three SPEED RANGES are available, selected by the upper right pad: GLACIAL, SLOW, and FAST. The output of the LFO may be passed through a sample and hold. The lower right pad selects between SAMPLE & HOLD or CLOCKED MODE. Use the RATE/CLOCK knob on the lower left to adjust the rate at which the LFO is sampled. In CLOCKED MODE the LFO is sampled at divisions of the host tempo. To use this mode the host’s transport must be running. A warning will appear above the pads if the transport is not running.

The σ, ρ, β, and a, b, c knobs control constants in the Lorenz and Rössler equations. You may want to experiment with these, although not all combinations of values create chaotic oscillations. Use the RESET pad to reset to default values. The DISPLAY knob selects between several modes of displaying the LFOs on the XY PAD, either individually or in combination.

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2 comments on “Chaos LFO
  • Bryan on said:

    Version 1.1

    * CC# are shown above knobs while adjusting to make it easier to see what you’re doing.
    * Press and hold SHIFT to see the values of the knobs.
    * A few other minor usability tweaks and code optimizations.

  • Bryan on said:

    Version 1.2

    * New features, bug fixes, and performance improvements
    * New Sample & Hold mode: Note Trigger. This mode sends a CC message when a Note On message is received. The SKIP knob determines how many Note On messages must occur before a CC message is sent; e.g., at 0 every Note On will send a CC message; at 4 every 4th Note On will send a CC.
    * Plugin now only sends MIDI CCs out when the value has changed from the previous value sent. This should dramatically cut down on redundant MIDI messages.
    * Press and hold on SHIFT now shows correct values.

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