Channel Splitter

Channel Splitter: select channels based on note ranges and/or velocities

– optionally transpose notes
– optionally fade at left and/or right border of range
– double-tap channel knob switches for setting the velocity range (and back)
– define up to 16 regions over 4 pages – cycle through pages with SHIFT button
– double-tap ‘Silence’ knob to turn off currently playing notes
– double-tap ‘RndCH!’ knob to randomize assignments of channels to regions
– Use for: split keyboard ranges; split voicing based on velocity and/or pitch; etc.
– Notes: + script does NOT distinguish regions based on incoming channels!
– EXCEPT for drum events (=channel 10), which are not re-mapped
+ non-note events are sent where their source channel was mapped most recently
+ unmatched notes/events are blocked

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