CC Gradual Glide

When CC Gradual Glide is placed between a MIDI input and a MIDI output, CC values will always change at a consistent pace, gradually moving toward the position you set.

Note: I forgot to add the MIDI input component. I’ll fix it today/tomorrow, but for now, you can still connect your MIDI controller’s outputs to Mozaic’s knobs using AUM, so it is usable.

Use the Channel I/O and CC I/O pads to access menus for editing Channel and CC inputs and outputs. When you’re finished setting up, tap the “Performance” pad.

In the performance menu, use the bottom right on-screen knob labeled “All” to set one speed for all four CC messages. Use the top right knob, labeled “[Cur] Speed” to change the top four knobs between showing the current CC value, and allowing you to set an individual speed for each of the CC messages.

Look near the top of the code, and you’ll see the SpeedRange and Interval variables. You can edit these if you’d like.
Set a lower number for SpeedRange to increase the maximum speed. Set a higher number to decrease it.
“Interval” affects how many times per second the current value is changed, and a new CC value is sent. Default is 20 times per second.

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  • kasia_bigoudi on said:

    Just discover your script.
    I’m v Accordion live player on the fly!
    Have many controllers ( WaveRing, TEControl….) and try to write a smoother script,
    to get out regular values . Can’t adapt your script, too complex for my old brain !
    I use 31 scripts on my 1 IPad and 19 on the 2nd ( one IPad for each hand and a third to interact the 2 ,)
    Would u write a script so I can adapt to my setup?….
    Best Regards.

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