This is a convenience tool which allows you to easily map knobs to cc messages.

I use this tool with my external gear in order to provide me a simple way to save cc
value states within my AUM projects. I use an APC40 which has 2 banks of 8 encoders
each, the problem those encoders are fixed to specific cc values. By mapping the apc
to Moziacs knobs I can easily change the cc which the knob sends to my external synths.
This is extremely useful because most of my hardware doesnt have any sort of iOS
editor which I can use.

An added bonus is that Moziac saves state, so once you endit your values you can save
your Moziac patch and your values will be easily recalled.

To prevent accidental cc changes, the path wont autosend current values when first
loaded, but you can force an update by tapping the “update” knob on the Mozaic GUI.

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