Caves Of Abaco

Generative patch using noise as the main source. I recently picked up a Novation Launch Control, pretty cheap on eBay which is use to control the fades on mind meld as well as a bunch of other parameters. The attack and release are mapped to control one of the melodic voices with the octave of the twinkles also mapped. The waveshape for the bass is also mapped. Saws is going through clouds and the octave and volume fader are being controlled by the launch control too. I also mapped the PreD control on Plateau to launch control (a quick sweep to “long” and back creates some ramblings in the deep! A then hooked up the 8 FO toas much as I could and mapped the scale range and oscillator speed to the Launch Control; by increasing the scale range and quick burst of a faster osciallor create some great crescendos. Finally the tempo control on Clocked is also mapped to the Launch Control and some great affects can be created by introducing quick bursts of high tempo or gradually increasing and decreasing tempo to accentuate the crescendos created by the 8FO. A really fun patch to jam with and if anyone is looking for a cheap midi controller I can highly recommend the Launch Control.

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