Record 24bit stereo audio from almost any patch into /media/captures (requires a latch pedal/footswitch).

Download updates directly from the Organelle menu Extra -> Capture -> Update (via wifi + internet)

Do not rename the .zop to .zip to install or it won’t work :

#1 copy the .zop into the Organelle /Patches folder
#2 in the Organelle menu, select Storage -> Reload
#3 scroll down, select and run : Install Capture_x-x.zop

v2.8 : Captures patch removed and new file-name system, no more folder_list.pd_linux , the capture number is stored in /System/captures.txt , captures are now named from 00001.wav to 99999.wav (and more) and you can now rename/move/delete them without issues.

v2.7 bugfix : the Captures patch wasn’t receiving the line input (in 2.6)

v2.6 changelog :

– now requires a latch pedal/footswitch (enc+aux combination removed)
– the fs pedal input is desactivated for all patches when Capture is active
– now records 24bit only
– instructions are now in the Activation process and can’t be skipped
– no more little “+” on the screen when recording, now the LED blinks red then goes back to the state it should be at when the record is stopped
– also the recorded audio levels are now displayed on the OLED Input VU-meters when recording (if infobar is active)
– there’s no multiprocessing anymore, Capture doesn’t take enough CPU by itself to justify two subprocesses…
– bugfix : the Captures patch is now into the /Patches folder (but i will keep working on it later)
– other bugs and UI annoyances fixed (no need to hold the encoder for 1sec to go back to the selection menu anymore, and no more unwanted behaviors when recording starts/stops
– output volume reduced [/~ 3], right before the [dac~], just enough to preserve the Organelle M speaker
– top-screen VU-meters framerate improved by the way

Capture module for Orac 2.0 :

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  • Platform:
  • Category: Sampler Utility
  • Revision: 2.8
  • License: GNU General Public License v3.0
  • Views: 3,176
  • Modified: 2 years ago
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  • rvn on said:

    Thanks, it looks great.
    I installed it but can’t make it work for now.
    I run the activation via “extra” menu but can’t go further… any advise ?

  • Matreve on said:

    There are no UV meters and the existing ones are removed from ALL the patches, both input and output.

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