Cam’s DR94 Bosanquet and Multi-ring mappings for the Lumatone

These are some of the many custom mappings I have saved and played around with on the Lumatone. These ones are all mapped with naturals from A1-G6 along either the central row starting from the third (middle) rank, or from the 4th rank below, allowing at least one rank of keys below the naturals. Laying out the mapping from there means the sets of 12 at the bottom fit the keyboard’s geometry nicely. I’ve found that having keys down to A1 or so much handier than having to stop around C2, where I made the default mappings for the Lumatone.

The mappings in this library all use the “DR94” colour system I’ve laid out in Facebook posts and YouTube videos since May 2021. 7 colours in light and dark, laid out in (reverse) rainbow order, with white “naturals” and black “semi-tone” accidentals splitting the rainbow into cooler colours for lower pitches and warmer colours for higher pitches. Colours are mapped from the closest pitch of 94-equal, one of the most accurate and consistent high-limit equal tunings under 300.

Dark: violet – indigo – blue – green – black – yellow – orange – red
Light: violet – indigo – blue – green – white – yellow – orange – red

Contains mappings for:
3 rings of 19-equal (57 tone mapping minus one pitch) for adaptive JI. Tuning each ring 1/3-comma apart gives a pretty huge lattice.
3 rings of 12-equal (36-equal)
4 rings of 12-equal (48-equal)
2 rings of 29-equal (58-equal)
6 rings of 12-equal (72-equal minus 14 pitches)

I will also upload my much larger library of DR94 mappings starting from C in a separate “patch”.

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