Cam’s DR94 Bosanquet and Multi-ring mappings for the Lumatone, C edition

These are some of the many custom mappings I have saved and played around with on the Lumatone. These ones are all mapped with naturals from C2-B7 along the central row starting from the third (middle) rank, where I made the default mappings for the Lumatone.

The mappings in this library all use the “DR94” colour system I’ve laid out in Facebook posts and YouTube videos since May 2021. 7 colours in light and dark, laid out in (reverse) rainbow order, with white “naturals” and black “semi-tone” accidentals splitting the rainbow into cooler colours for lower pitches and warmer colours for higher pitches. Colours are mapped from the closest pitch of 94-equal, one of the most accurate and consistent high-limit equal tunings under 300.

Dark: violet – indigo – blue – green – black – yellow – orange – red
Light: violet – indigo – blue – green – white – yellow – orange – red

Contains mappings for:
24-equal (2 rings of 12-equal)
24-equal (Mike’s Mohajira in my colours)
34-equal (2 rings of 17-equal)
41-out-of-94-equal (change one dark violet key dark indigo for 41-equal)
58-equal (2 rings of 29-equal)
72-equal (6 rings of 12-equal)
94-equal (with only 56 pitches available)
94-equal as a semi-tone row (roughly doubling interval span, but all pitches now available, and some doubled)

I have also uploaded my much smaller library of DR94 mappings starting from A in a separate “patch”.

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