Experimental MIDI support [still testing bPM]
MODE1: Endless loop started/stopped by footswitch
Scrubbing backwards and forwards
Slice recording based upon onsets/audio tiering.
[turning input down will turn off recorder]
Sample and tweak three buffers at the same time
Tempo throughout
Blend Parameter for Clean input passthru

Modes are also mixable together for mega- transcendence mode where all modes can be mixed

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6 comments on “C25
  1. Tristan Heau on said:

    Gosh. I have this pedal. One of my favorite. Everything thru it sounds Shammanic

  2. guacamoleisred on said:

    First off, already really awesome. I dont have the original c25 in hand yet but a kill switch would be nice right? or am I missing a way to just stop what has been played and redo?

  3. guacamoleisred on said:

    also mode 1 isnt doing anything for me I dont know if thats on my end

  4. Tristan Heau on said:

    On the C25, you have a kind of arpeggio where you can select the scale (fourth, fifth…). Did you implement this feature ?

  5. Matteo Bianchini on said:

    @guacamoleisred: so far almost the only thing I’ve been able to control is actually how to stop/play what has been recorded (first key – note 60). Still trying to get familiar with this guy though. So far it looks to me that the only way to really understand what and how to do needs almost a reverse engineering …Feeling a bit stupid, but I’m gonna win :-)

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