Don’t let bygones be bygones with this tape warble simulator

Controls (green buttons on front page):

‘Drag’ increases the chances of warble effects occuring. Higher settings may lead to slight delays in sound.

‘Depth’ controls the general severity of the warble effects.

‘Unrest’ increases the frequency of the warble effects and may be used as kind of a ‘flutter’ effect at higher settings.

‘Low end’ sets the amount of bass response.

‘Noise’ increases the amount of noise. It’s pretty subtle up to the highest settings (gets more sensitive as input volume is lowered).

‘Peakyness’ sets the ‘steepness’ of the warble effects. If ‘drag’ determines how often the tape gets stuck, then ‘peakyness’ determines how bad it gets stuck.

Caution: all controls are very interactive. The ‘drag’ control has a fine treshold between barely ever having warble effects and having warble effects all the time. After changing other controls you might have to set it again to where you like it. You’ll get a feel for it. The controls go from very subtle to pretty darn wild!

Caution 2: the interface page visuals are pretty experimental (sorry – not sorry…). They’re most strongly linked to the ‘unrest’ control. Enjoy!

Thank you for your interest in my patch. This is my first serious patch for Zoia. I do hope you enjoy it and would appreciate any feedback. Contact me through the Facebook user group or the Discord server, shoot me an e-mail at, or leave a comment here.

With special thanks to Christopher H.M. Jacques whose tutorials and support have been of invaluable help.

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