Bus Comp

Stereo compressor inspired by the classic SSL master bus compressor.

Made with clever use of two ‘tb_peakcomp’ achieving a similar detector reaction to the classic SSL (louder of the two between mid and side signal) and sidechain input!

Cool included features:
– Custom VU meter
– Detector highpass filter:
• (This is active on “sidechain >> 0”).
• 0= current module (as normal).
• 1=A1|2=A2|3=A3|4=B1|5=B2|6=B3|7=B4|8=C1|9=C2|10=C3.
– Bandpass sidechain filter
• (This is active from “sidechain >> 1 to 10”).
– Makeup gain saturation
– All the other controls (ratio, attack, release etc.)
– Momentary Bypass:
• (press and hold the Aux Button to hear the uncompressed signal and bypass the compression)

Detector HPF and BPF parameters are acting on the detector only (the signal driving the gain reduction) and not on the output signal, so you won’t hear them directly but you hear the effect they have on the compression.

Let’s say you want to sidechain your bass from a drumloop but you want only the kick to drive the compression.
On the bass compressor select the sidechain input corresponding to the module playing the drumloop and adjust the BPF parameters to pick the frequency of the kick.
Then adjust ratio/attack/release to taste.


v1.1 :
– Slightly adjusted detector gain structure.

v1.2 :
– Fixed a typo about the number of sidechain selection on the .json file.
– Added some more info about the sidechain selection in the description.

v1.3 :
– Implemented Aux button “momentary bypass mode”.

v1.5 :
– Redesigned attack and release controls (with labels) to match the SSL.
– Removed pd~ sub-process as it proved to be not efficient for this module (some modules benefit from pd~ more than others), this improved latency and CPU load.
– Added aux labels for sidechain selection, attack time and release time.
– Changed default parameters for a more transparent compression when module is loaded.

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  • Revision: 1.5
  • License: GNU General Public License v3.0
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4 comments on “Bus Comp
  • DOOM K on said:

    Thank you for your excellent work, far from the Far East.
    By the way, how do the sidechain module numbers correspond?
    A1-3 + B1-4 + C1-3 + P1 & P2 = 12
    What do 13 and 14 mean?

  • audivit on said:

    Sidechain input is as follows:

    0= current module (as normal).
    (P1 and P2 are not in the selection).

    There was a typo in the .json file that was corrected recently,
    I suggest you to download the most recent version. ;)

  • d-ego_9ihl on said:

    Do you know if this can be downloaded to use on the Organelle running Orac 2.0? If so how? Thank you for your amazing contributions!

  • audivit on said:

    Yes it should work!

    1) Download the zip file.
    2) Transfer the zip file on your organelle using wi-fi and your browser, put the file inside folder media/orac/usermodules.
    3) unzip the file.
    4) reload storage from the organelle menu (or powercycle, or exit from orac and reopen it).

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