Buchla 261e + 291e (Complex Oscillator + Triple Morphing Filter)

Hey there,

Making the Buchla 100 was a lot of fun, so i wanted to share some quasi VCV reproductions of Buchla esque modules and sounds:

I built a fairly simple Complex oscillator (X-Wave and Comp. Osc) 261e Running through 8 stages of Various Bandpass filters, which are supposed to emulate a 291e.
Hope you guys have fun with it and Feedback is always appreciated

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2 comments on “Buchla 261e + 291e (Complex Oscillator + Triple Morphing Filter)
  • litpnm on said:

    Very cool! Love that you constructed your own filter bank with a mixer. I really appreciate your work; I studied the 100 series after your last patch and learned a ton. Looking forward to the next one!

  • Alexander_Held on said:

    thank you so much! Its so much fun building this stuff and im glad you are enjoying it! :)

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