Broken Sampler

The 2nd patch I made for the ZOIA (first I’m sharing)

It’s a relatively simple lofi / glitch patch. (Make sure to turn on performance mode.)

Signal is sent through bit crusher and aliasing to get sort of an old school sampler vibe.

Left foot switch turns on/off a vibrato connected an envelope follower and an LFO to get some Shallow Water-esque warble.

Middle footswitch turns on/off the granular module for glitchy repeats.

Right footswitch (momentary) freezes the buffer to give you controlled stutters.

Most of the relevant controls are starred for easy access.

Demo guide:
0:00-0:15 Just a plain guitar loop with no ZOIA
0:15-0:30 +bit crusher and aliasing
0:30-0:45 +vibrato
0:45-1:00 +granular
1:00-1:15 Freezing the buffer with the right footswitch
1:15-1:30 Disabling the effects one-by-one

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  • tomikoo on said:

    Sounds great! Will definitely try it at some point.

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