An synth based on the Mutable Instruments Braids module. (also using the rngs_reverb~)

4 voice poly using the brds~ and rngs_reverb~ externals.

Note: this is an early beta version of the brds~ external, not all features are currently enabled, in particular percussion shapes.

This uses code kindly open sourced by Mutable Instruments, but in no way is supported/endorsed by them.

dev note: Id advise other developers NOT to copy the external yet, its too early, wait until Ive exposed more features, and the interface has settled.

1.0 – updated to Kontrol, optimised
0.2 – fix reverb cutoff
0.3 – improve tuning

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  • State: Work In Progress
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  • Category: Synthesizer
  • Revision: 1.0
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  • Modified: 2 years ago
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10 comments on “brds
  • swhic on said:

    very nice, thanks!

  • jake on said:

    this patch rules! thank you thank you!

  • Precursoid on said:

    It dosent seem to save presets correctly.

  • thetechnobear on said:

    @precursoid , you need to do save settings if you want to retain across sessions.

  • Precursoid on said:

    @thetechnobear – thanks. is there a way to edit the preset names.

  • thetechnobear on said:

    not from the organelle ( would be too cumbesome), but you can edit the rack.json file, in there you will find the ‘temporary’ name , and you can change it.

  • Precursoid on said:

    thanks mate. great work by the way. just awesome

  • Precursoid on said:

    What does the aux switch do? (Sequencer:Stopped/Playing) is it sending a midi clock message?

  • thetechnobear on said:

    Short press – startstop sequencer, long = record

  • Precursoid on said:

    @thetechnobear — many thanks

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