Bouncy Hunter, a stereo enveloppe controlled tremolo

Bouncy Hunter is a stereo tremolo whose speed is controlled by an enveloppe follower with 5 different LFO shape to choose from.

there’s a ”forward” and a ”reverse” mode.
In forward mode, the enveloppe directly control the LFO speed, so the louder the note, the faster the tremolo and it eventually slows down.
In reverse mode, the enveloppe value is reversed so the louder the note, the slower the tremolo and it speeds up as the volume decrease.

All the controls are on the first page:

Red button: depth
Blue button: start speed control. Since the speed of the tremolo will change you can set it starting speed. Lower value=lower speed and vice versa.
Aqua button: mix

On the bottom left corner you have the reverse switch. Forward mode is dark, reverse mode is bright.

On the bottom right corner you have the LFO shape switch. It toggles between 5 shapes (square, sine, triangle, ramp and sawtooth). Pixel with the name of the LFO will light up as you scroll.

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