Boss CE-2

The Boss CE-2 is an iconic chorus stompbox from the 1980’s. This patch attempts to recreate that pedal based on the topology of the electronic circuit. In the CE-2, the signal enters the pedal and is split into a wet and dry path. The wet path is filtered, passed through an LFO driven bbd, filtered again, and then remixed with he dry signal before the output.

To emulate this, the signal is split. The wet signal through a series of Multi Filters to achieve the EQ profile of the original circuit. The signal is then passed to a Delay Line module to stand in place of the CE-2’s BBD. The delay time of the module is controlled by a triangle shape LFO, the frequency of which is controlled by a multiplied value. This mimics the Rate control of the original pedal.Depth control is achieved through a multiplied and biased value also located on the first page. The delayed signal then passes through another set of Multi Filters before being merged back with the dry signal.

I added a Tone Control effect to the patch to allow some fine tuning of the EQ before the audio exits the pedal. The result is a patch that comes close to emulating the behavior and tone of the original.

On the first page are the following controls:
Row 2, Sky: Tone Control
Row 5, Orange: Rate Control
Row 5, Melon: Depth Control

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