This synth is based on a couple of Harald Bode’s ideas.
1. The Warbo Formant Organ (from 1937)
2. The Bode Frequency Shifter (form 1964)
The patch looks a little complicated, but you mostly just use the controls on the bottom row.
The top row has 4 VCOs, 2 Formant filters and 2 Frequency shifters.
The bottom row has volume knobs for each VCO. A “Voice Selector” matrix that allows you to assign each VCO to any/all filters and frequency shifters.
An ADSR that controls all VCOs.
An LFO assigned to the filters and frequency shifters with mutes.
There are 2 patches. One setup with a sequencer and one set to external keyboard with polyphony.
The 2 videos show how it sounds and some of the controls.

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