bly’s stuttutterer

my first patch! a very simple buffery-sounding glitch/stutter poly synth with some accessory sparklies and rhythmic white noise.

i’m sure the coding is janky as hell. if anyone feels like altering it (or educating me!), make yourself at home!

also, i’d love it if you went and checked out my music! i’ve got a new psychedelic pop record coming out in july.

love everlasting and unconditional,
<3 bly

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5 comments on “bly’s stuttutterer
  • SineWaveMossWorld on said:

    Just downloaded your message inside the patch was very wholesome and made me crack a smile
    ;) Thanks sounds great!

  • soxsa on said:

    Lovely patch, very much in the spirit of the Organelle – unusual sounds :) Thank you!

  • Peter_Marsh on said:

    Love this. Thanks for making the effort and for the positive vibes :)

  • Bly Wallentine on said:

    Thank you all for your kind comments! I’m so glad it’s getting some use!! <3 Bless you all!

  • chkbeto on said:

    Long time no see patchstorage, what a lovely surprise finding your patch

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