BlueBoard Switch Ramper

Responds to triggers from iRig BlueBoard, sending cc values out over a configurable ramp time. The two standard BlueBoard modes are supported: Mode 1 (Notes) and Mode 2 (CC’s), as selected by the bottom-right knob in Trigger Mode.

Toggle between Trigger and Settings mode by tapping the SHIFT button.

In Trigger mode, tapping the pads is the same as tapping the correspoinding BlueBoard button. The first tap will start sending from the Start value to the End value at the Ramp speed set for the pad. The A, B, C, and D knobs will turn to show the progress. The next tap will reverse the direction of travel. If a tap comes in before the end of the end point is reached, travel immediately reverses without reaching the end point. (Also, see “Looping” below.)

In Settings Mode first tap a swith to select it, then you can adjust the starting and ending limits for the cc values sent out for that switch. Ramp adjusts the time it takes to go from start to end. You can also set the outbound CC# and channel number here if needed.

Looping: In Settings mode, the bottom-right knob allows enabling Looping for the switch. If turned on, tapping a switch toggles looping on and off. The values will ramp up and down like an LFO until the next tap turns the looping off. Looping is disabled when Ramp time is zero. (See TIPs below.)

TIP: To bypass the plugin and send the BlueBoard messages to another app, set the bottom-right knob to the opposite of the mode the BlueBoard is running.

TIP: If you set Ramp to zero it makes the switch behave as a toggle. Normally the BlueBoard sends ON when the switch is pressed down and OFF when the switch is released. But with Ramp at zero each press with toggle between ON and OFF.

Credit for this script idea goes to @rcf on the AudioBus Forum.👍😎👏

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  • wim-number37 on said:

    V1.1 fixes behavior when Ramp is set to zero. This now makes the switch behave like a toggle, alternating with each press between the start and end values. This is handy for the BlueBoard, which normally sends an ON when you press and an OFF when you release. With this feature, each press will toggle between ON and OFF. Looping is disabled with zero ramp time.

  • Josh on said:

    Hey, is this wim from Audiobus forums? I found this on my quest for tweaking my BlueBoard ( I’m thinking of buying Mozaic and trying to implement my own functionalities with it. Good to know that there’s something to inspect and learn from here. Thank you!

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