Four track looper module based on the wonderful C&G prairieloops patch
Please see installation instructions for setting up the audio folder!

Differences from the original patch:
-Slightly different key layout so it fits in one octave (keys work for all octaves)
-Panning and filtering controls on each loop
-Transpose control on each loop so you can accurately transpose +-12 semitones in addition to the speed control
-Speed Quantization can be set to increments between 1% and 100% (default 50%)

Installation Instructions:
Unzip this archive into media/orac/usermodules/utility (or other subfolder)
!!! Create a folder in /media/ called berryloops !!!
You can add loops from a prairieloops patch or can add your own (only supports mono wav files).
Loops must be in the same filename format as prairieloops (1.wav,2.wav etc)

Usage Instructions:
Aux or Footswitch starts and ends recording of a loop, which can be selected on the sample page.

The loop will record the input to the module, the playing loops or both depending on the
‘Rec. Input” and ‘Bounce’ controls on the last page.

Loops can be played/stopped the keys or incoming notes.
Multiple instances of the module can be used at the same time, and loops recorded in one module can be loaded into others. For example you can put an instance at the end of the chain or in a postfx slot and capture the output of a previous instance with whatever synths/effects are in between, then load the loop back into the first instance.

The first six pages are per loop controls for sample select, sample speed, volume, lowpass filtering, pan, and transpose of the four loops.
The last page sets what is being recorded, and “Spd. Increment” sets the quantization of the speed controls, so 100% only allows 100%,200% etc, 1% is effectively no quantization, and 10% mimics the behaviour of the original patch.

Since incoming midi notes can retrigger the loops, you can trigger the loops using tempo synced midi sequencer modules for crude but effective MIDI->Audio Loop synchronization

Note: Speed is limited to +-400%, so when using transpose + speed control it’s possible you will max out at 4x the sample speed.

6 comments on “berryloops
  • birdman on said:

    Awesome..thank you !

  • suzycreamcheese on said:

    Hey – I can’t get the samples to work – or record in audio – it just either hangs after 2.2secs or doesn’t load up any sample.

    to be clear – I unziped the files to a folder as mention – and tried a bunch of different variations for the “!!! Create a folder new media/berryloops !!!” – i’ve tried to myfolder/new media/berryloops – tried berryloops in a independent folder and a new folder created in the same file system called new media – none of them seem to work –

    any help would be great – looking forward to using this on orac – a huge fan of prairieloops as well

  • WyrdAl on said:

    Sorry bit of a type there, the folder should be in the media directory that is in the root of either the usbdrive or sdcard partition (where the orac folder with usermodules is as well) ie:

  • jbls on said:

    Thanks for porting that patch to orac! ❤️ Tried it by myself, but I got zero PD skills…😢
    My intention was to make live loops from synths directly from orac. But I wasn’t thinking about how to trigger the record command while playing in another slot. Of course I can hit the aux button while being in the berryloops, but then it obviously takes some time to switch to another slot to produce some sound…
    Is it possible with a footswitch or would it only work with some kind of midi madness? 🧐

  • WyrdAl on said:

    @jbls Good question… for that sort of thing I think the best bet is using an external MIDI to control the synth being recorded.
    You could also try ‘A. Dest’ in the router module to the synth, which would let you play the synth while the berryloops module is active. The drawback would be that you would need to change the ‘A. Dest’ after that to play/stop loops on the berryloops module.

  • alexe on said:

    Thank you so much for making this! It’s great to have it in Orac, and I love the changes you’ve made. The ability to share files across instances of the module is such a good idea!

    I don’t know if you’re planning on any additional features but two come to mind:
    (1) In addition to choosing the speed quantization the way it is now (which I love), it would be cool to be able to quantize it to different scales/sets of notes (like set it so that a drone loop would play a major scale, major pentatonic scale, dom. 7 arpeggio, etc. as you adjust the speed faster). I guess the K-loop patch kind of has a version of this, though you can’t set the scale/set of notes yourself.

    (2) Might be cool to add an LFO (with adjustable rate/amount) that connects to each loop’s speed setting (or maybe just two LFOs so those settings could fit on one page?). This idea comes straight from K-loop as well, fun to get some warble like that.

    Anyway, those are just extra ideas, the patch is incredible as is. Thanks again!

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