Benni’s Multiheaded Echo Machine

Inspired by the tape echoes of yore, this patch recreates a multiheaded tape echo machine with 3 delay heads and a reverb head.

Delays are saturated and sweet with modulation in order to emulate some of that tape sound made famous by Space Echos, Echorecs, Copicats etc. These machines usually combined echo heads with a spring reverb, however I’m using algorithmic reverb here with stereo tremolo, just to do something a little different.

Each head can be muted using a footswitch:
– A = tape head 1
– B = tape head 2
– C = tape head 3
– D = reverb

Key controls are set up ready to edit in Spotlight:
– Overall wet / dry mix
– Delay feedback each tape head
– Pan position for tape heads 1 and 2
– VCA 1 = volume of tape head 1
– VCA 2 = volume of tape head 2
– VCA 3 = volume of tape head 3
– VCA 4 = volume of reverb

To adjust delay times, you will need to go into the delay module for each tape head.

The default routing is stereo in and out via connectins 1 and 2. Inputs 3 and 4 run straight through to their outputs – just how my setup works. Feel free to change.

This patch can run the CPU quite high, so just be warned!


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  • Revision: 1.0
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2 comments on “Benni’s Multiheaded Echo Machine
  • JBbop on said:

    145% CPU is a little high, yeah..
    Anyway, thanks for your effort.

  • BenniDumville on said:

    Oh dear 😬 it’s only 88% on mine! Hopefully a bit of tinkering and you can get it working. Crazy that it’s SO much higher. Cheers

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