Befaco Techno v2

An Iteration on the Befaco Techno Patch.
All sequencing done by Muxlicer + 3 Mex extenders. All percussion done with Noise-Plethora + Percall.
Bass line done by Rampage in a Complex VCO configuration. Some Spring Reverb + Delay for extra room. I added a small sample delay on one of the channels to create a spatializer Haas effect – tune it to your liking.

1. Play with Rampage’s ramps and channel shapes for different sound. Change the balance of the comparator for sound variations.
2. Use Percall’s decay envelops to put more energy in the mix or alternatively remove it.
3. Play with Noise Plethora’s sound algorithms and XA, YA knobs for different kick, snare and hat sounds.
4. The kick is achieved by dialing up the resonance knob and modulating the cutoff with decay env from Percall. Change the parameters accordingly for sound variation.
5. Use Muxlicer to dial your own bass/melody lines. Shorten the steps to 4 with a cable that resets the sequence and get more repetitive techno bass line.

Enjoy !

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