This is a patch that slices a wav into pieces and plays them back randomly, mainly intended for 4/4 drum beats. Sounds great on classic break beats as well as other types of sounds, especially if they are rhythmic.

It is directly based on this patch, big thanks to Tim for writing it:

Knob 1: Slices (up to 16)
Knob 2: Speed (set in fixed increments)
Knob 3: Fade In (add attack to the beginning of a slice)
Knob 4: Fade Out (slices has more release; also, above about 50% reverb begins to be mixed in)
Aux button: Play/Stop
Keyboard: Each key loads a wave file starting with 1.wav up to 24.wav.

Have fun

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  1. Luís Costa on said:

    The base tempo will always be the tempo of the original sample, right?

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