BeatMarble HH (For Hihats) v1.1

BeatMarble is a crossbreed of a Turing Machine sequencer and an Euclidean sequencer, made for drums.
BeatMarble HH is specialized on playing Hihats.
Select the note number of your drum with the first knob, and the midi channel with the last one.
“D”-Knobs set the density of notes in the respective beat division: every 4th (offbeat), 3rd, and the notes in between.
“V”-Knobs set the velocity for each of the three different sub-rhythms.
Turn the “Déjà-vu” knob to the left to “lock” the current density pattern similar to MTM Turing Machine / MI Marbles or my MidiMarble script for Mozaic.
Length selects the pattern length from 4 to 64 beats, and swing goes from 0 to 100.

Update 1.1: State saving works now at save of project in host, once the instance has been used its not initialized when opened again.

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  • Revision: 1.1
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