BeatGroove v0.5

Takes it straight, makes it groove. With per step variables. Randomisation. Preset Morphing. Offset, velocity and MIDI thru (for retrigger and gate effects) parameters. Adjustable sequence length that doesn’t reset on each new bar (polymeters friendly). Polyphony compatible. Gatelengths preserved. Wet/Dry control. Flashing lights.

This is likely the full feature set.

Added current step indicator.
Added selectable metro pulse resolution.
If length parameter is changed, sequencer now resets on first step of new bar.
Other minor improvements.

Crossfading between presets.
Incoming Note Offs preserve gate length.
Focused randomisation and other meta controls.
Other improvements.

Fix minor UI bug.
Fixed situation that could result in stuck notes.

Minor UI change

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  • State: Work In Progress
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  • Category: Effect Sequencer
  • Revision: V0.54
  • License: Do What The F*ck You Want To Public License
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  • Modified: 2 years ago
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3 comments on “BeatGroove v0.5
  • Zwyklywuj on said:

    Hi, many thanks for this one!
    Is it possible to leave gatelenght unchanged?

  • SpartanClownTide on said:

    Thanks for the encouragement! Keeping the original gate length is on my list, it’s not that straightforward in this case but I have some ideas :)

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