designed to create BD samples. They have a vaguely “dirty 909” flavor.

Basis of patch is 2 op sinewave FM where the modulator is fed through a distortion module. From there, the signal gets some soft clipping and then yet more distortion, this time in parallel after a high-pass into distortion. The mix is then sent to Chow Tape for one last pass of saturation.

sine -> grunge -> sine -> zzc clip -> mix
in parallel:
-> clip -> hpf -> Flame -> mix
mix -> Chow Tape -> out

I don’t know how important it is, but the patch uses the WT Osc which uses “true FM” instead of DX7 phase modulation. I originally was using the BogAudio Sine module, but it seemed to be aliasing, which surprised me given how far down in the bass register we are.

The patch includes paid modules from Prok (drum envelope) and Vult (Flame and I guess I used the paid version of Unstabile). You can probably get similar results subbing Slap in for Prok DE and Debriatus (saturation) for Flame.

48khz mono one-shot samples are available at

There are 9 samples included. Going from 001 to 008, the “tone” on the Grunge is modulated from high to low. 001 is more fizzy, 008 is more thumpy. This makes them potentially useful in a sampler where you switch between them for variation. There’s also one labeled “nogrunge,” and for this one I just turned the mix on the Grunge all the way down. This one sounds more FM-y and less like a 909 to my ears. All made with zero attack time so you can adjust the click in your sample player.

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