This is the classic bass emulator for Pure Data by Christian Klippel in 2006. 11 years since i played with this guy. This is my last patch with the old system. There’s a weird bug i am working on that will be solved by snapshotting settings when changing pages.

This patch also has a 16 step analog style sequencer. It gets that traditional analog synth vibe with the sequncer which can be changed from 2-16 beats.

You NEED Footswitch to latch the sequencer!!

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  1. shreeswifty on said:

    this one is a challenge, there is some weird bug in the code that tweaks the filter into some ultrasonic range, so if audio disappears turn knob 4 down and restart the patch and the latch the sequencer so you can tweak it, once i apply the new menu stuff i am hopeful that it will address this problem

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