Basic Leslie Rotary Speaker

Here is my simple take on the Leslie Rotary Speaker.
This patch is very simple, no reverb, just the rotary simulation.
The sound is going though a SV-Filter, sending bass under 200Hz to the output.
Then the remaining frequency is splitted at 800Hz.
-Lower mid goes in a pitch shifter, very very slight as the doppler effect is less pronounced on bass frequency in a Leslie cabinet. Then in a panner.
This side is controlled by a LFO, 40rpm for slow speed, 340rpm for fast speed as a real Leslie.
-Upper freq goes to another pitch shifter, more pronounced and then in a panner.
This side is controlled by another LFO going from 50rpm to 400rpm.

-Left switch press switch from low speed to fast speed. Ramp is slower for the bass rotor as in real life.

-You can control also the speed slow to fast with a Midi CC (I do so with my Es-8).

I took informations on those pages:

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  • winddealer on said:

    Very nice. thank you for researching, developing and sharing your findings. The Zoia once again shows its value and flexibility. To date, after evaluating multiple Leslie Effect VST products (until I get a Zoia) the UVI Rotary at $75.00 is a great compromise. I’ve not gone fully DAWless “yet” but am on the way. Thank you again. Gratefully. Alt V7

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